The Henry Koerner Center for Emeritus Faculty

The Henry Koerner Center is a remarkable, perhaps unique, part of Yale University, designed for the benefit of emeritus faculty, who may choose to become Koerner fellows. Both a physical facility and a series of programs, the center was made possible by a generous gift from Lisbet Rausing and Joseph Koerner ’80, who thereby honored Joseph’s father, the artist Henry Koerner.

Intellectually the center offers a wide variety of cultural events and intellectual programs, including autobiographical talks, lunchtime and evening lectures, seminars, film discussions, sponsored excursions, art exhibitions, and other special events. It also provides opportunities and outlets for social advocacy, teaching, and research. An atmosphere of loyal friendship prevails, and interdisciplinarity, usually so hard to achieve, is a living experience.


November 14, 2023
On October 20, Koerner Fellow Linda Honan published the third edition of her book Medical-Surgical Nursing: Focus on Clinical Judgment. Designed to transition today’s...
November 13, 2023
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October 27, 2023
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