Intellectual Trajectory Talks

Volume 1

A Backward Glance (Alan Trachtenberg)
A Tale of Two Cultures (Joseph LaPalombara)
Addenda to a Curriculum Vitae (Walter Cahn)
Adventures in Serendipity (Arthur Galston)
Diversity in a Career in Academic Gynecological Surgery (Ernest Kohorn)
Finally Facing the Mind (Robert Shulman)
From Condensed-Matter Physics to Chinese Ceramics (Robert Wheeler)
From Fresno to the Future (Wendell Bell)
From Iowa and Alaska to an Even Wider World (Robert Dahl)
Making Molecules to Test Theories: A Half-Century of Research on Chemical Reaction Mechanisms (Jerome Berson)
Music, Poetry, and Philology: Three Strands of a Braid (Marie Borroff)
My Intellectual Trajectory: How I Came to Be a Historian of New World Slavery (David Brion Davis)
New Lamps for Old: Transplantation (Bernard Lytton)
North by South, West by East: The Education of an American Historian (Howard Lamar)
Past and Present (David Apter)
Pioneering in Globalization (Charles W. Forman)
So Far (Kai Erikson)
Starting in Song (John Hollander)
The Wandering Anthropologist (John Middleton)
Time and Change (John Simon)
Visceral Viewpoints, from Cambridge to New Haven (Howard Sprio)
Zigs and Zags to Academic Medicine (Robert Gifford)

Volume 2

A Bush of Trajectories (Timothy H. Goldsmith)
A Correspondence (Gregory H. Tignor)
A German Paper Chase (Jeffrey Sammons)
A Lifelong Exploration of the Stream of Consciousness (Jerome L. Singer)
A Multiphasic Career Dedicated to Women's Health (Philip Sarrel)
A Random Walk Through Spacetime (Frank W. K. Firk)
Atom Bombs, Unions, and Social History (David Montgomery)
Brooklyn, Bernini, and Beyond (Judith Colton)
Catch-ups and Workarounds: A Jury Rigged Life (Michael Holquist)
Curiosity Helps (John W. Cook)
From Research in Magnetism to the Politics of Engineering: The Education of a Physicist (Werner Wolf)
From Youthful Curiosity to a Career in Science (Charles Radding)
Intellectual Threads in the Fabric of Life (Margaret A. Farley)
Lessons My Mother Never Taught Me (Jack Lawson)
Looking at Beginnings and Endings (Robert Louis Jackson)
My Love Affair with the Goddess Fortuna (Lee Patterson)
My Road to Linguistics (Alexander Schenker)
Power, Boundaries and Fieldwork (William J. Foltz)
Searching for a More Equitable World (Gustav Ranis)
Self, Others, Events (Jules Prown)
Serendipity and Relationships (Gerard Burrow)
Speaking of Music (Leon Plantinga)
Teach Literature? Impossible. Autobiography? Lies! (Charles Porter)
The Lucky Life of an Archeologist (Frank Hole)
The Point of It (Annabel Patterson)
The Road to Elsewhere: Alabama, Tennessee, and Northern (Wayne A. Meeks)
You Can See a Lot by Just Looking but How and Where? My Experiences in Psychiatry (John Strauss)

Volume 3

A Boychik from the Bronx (Stanley Insler)
An Accidental Career (Jerry L. Mashaw)
An Immunologist's Journey (Nancy H. Ruddle)
From Below The Great Rivers (Frans J.T. Wackers)
From Boston to New Haven: A Journey of Discovery (Irwin M. Braverman)
From Milltown to the Wide World (Bruce Russett)
How Do You Know? (J. Michael McBride)
How I Finally Found a Home in the Neurophysiology of Vision. Or, Serendipity on the Way from Mathematics to Vision (Nigel W. Daw)
Many People and a Few Books (Traugott Lawler)
Mentors, Mavericks, and Malpractice (Diane Komp)
My Intellectual Trajectory (Herbert E. Scarf)
On the Trail of a Great White Whale (Martin Shubik)
Poor Little Farm Boy -- Stories I Tell: An Intellectual Trajectory (Gary L. Haller)
The Career of a Lifetime Student (Alexander Welsh)
The Chemistry Set and the Electron Microscope (Michael Kashgarian)
Trajectories, Individual Abilities, and Service (Martin D. Gehner)
Trajectory: From Population Growth to Women's Empowerment (T. Paul Schultz)
Turning Points (Robert J. Levine)
With Good Fortune, a Dream of Youth Realized (Pierre R. Demarque)

Volume 4

A Personal Odyssey (Fred Kantor)
Changing Human Behavior (Alan E. Kazdin)
Figures of Argument (Howard Stern)
Forty Years at Yale, Fifty Years in Academia (Deborah S. Davis)
From Art to Interdisciplinary Engineering Science--and Back
From Travel and Mentors to Researching and Teaching Early Christianity (Adela Yarbro Collins)
I Learn by Going Where I Have to Go (Richard Brodhead)
My Career Choice Was Not Existential (Lawrence S. Cohen)
My Intellectual Trajectory (David L. Bartlett)
My Intellectual Trajectory (Ellen Rosand)
My Intellectual Trajectory (William Bailey)
My Personal Journey Through Life, Learning, and the Pursuit of Pandemics (Gerald Friedland)
Not Just a Bronx Tale (Frank J. Bia)
Note to My Younger Self..."Oh, the Places You'll Go!" (Angela A. Crowley)
One Psychiatrist's Intellectual Trajectory (William Hurt Sledge)
Professing English (Paul H. Fry)
Reworking Architecture (Peggy Deamer)
Seeing Much and Seeing Wisely (Thomas P. Duffy)
Storytelling with the Shapes of Time (Dolores Hayden)
The Mind's Eye (Joseph Roach)
The Road Taken (Barry L. Zaret)
Where Are You From? (Hazel V. Carby)
Words and Images (Janice Carlisle)