Center Policies



Koerner fellows may participate in all activities of the center and they each may bring a single person (spouse, partner, or guest) to all activities except the following: Antioxidants meetings, Third Thursday luncheons, and seminars. Due to endowment restrictions, the spouse, partner, or guest of a fellow must be accompanied by the fellow in order to attend ticketed events and excursions.

Most ticketed events will be preceded or followed by a meal. The center will subsidize each performance/excursion to the extent that fellows reimburse the center for roughly thirty percent of the cost of transportation and the cost of admission. Yale University will not seek reimbursement for any portion of the cost of meals or lodging. Please note that the reimbursement amount will not be altered if a fellow makes their own travel arrangements and/or does not participate in a group meal. If a fellow should cancel their attendance at the last minute and no one is able to use the ticket/s, the fellow will be asked to reimburse the center for the cost.

Spouses and partners of deceased Koerner fellows are invited to the following types of events: Intellectual Trajectories series, special events and evening talks, financial planning sessions, art exhibition openings, and community dinners. Because of endowment restrictions on expenditures for travel and entertainment, invitations to ticketed events and excursions are only allowable for current fellows and their guests.

Research and Travel Funds:

Research funds are awarded by the center to active Koerner fellows to support a broad range of research, teaching, and other university business. These awards may not be used to cover personal expenses or any other costs that are not directly related to research, teaching, and other university business. In addition, a small allowance to support travel to present at academic conferences is available with approval from the center’s director. All out-of-pocket expenses must be submitted to the center and fully processed for reimbursement within 119 days from the date the charge is incurred. A list of approved expenditures for research and travel may be found at here.


Offices are assigned by the director in consultation with the center’s advisory board, initially for a term of two years, with the possibility of renewal based on participation in the activities of the center and regular use of the office. Any Koerner fellow in full retirement may apply for office space.